Rules for Success

  1. Defined values to work and live by

  2. A 5 to 10-year vision for your organization;   20-year for your personal life
    • People, processes, procedures, systems, customers, competitors

  3. 1-year goals toward that vision

  4. Major defined actions to accomplish the Goals;  an operations strategic plan
    • Obstacles identified, persons assigned as responsible
    • Timelines
    • Question all your data, question all your procedures and policies that are not aligned

  5. Daily, weekly, monthly alignment of organization to all of above

  6. Daily TTD with vision rewritten at the top
    • TTD prioritized to must do today, must be aligned

  7. Short communications meetings, agenda, minutes, actions, timelines
    • Aligned to the vision

  8. Spend 15 minutes daily assessing how you can do your job better

  9. Trust your team, debate with your team members, come to consensus, commit to action, be accountable

  10. Involve and reward your people,  be extremely fair and consistent
    • Identify your high potentials and successors
    • Identify and focus training of all

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