Business Advisory Roundtable Rules

Some of the rules of the roundtable.

1.      No direct competitors are in any roundtable group

2.      All members must be either the owner, president, CEO or be General Manager with site Profit & Loss responsibility.

3.      Membership will be limited to 12,  expected average attendance 8 to 10

4.      No guests nor visitors without prior membership invitation after the membership is established

5.      Confidentiality, what is discussed in the meeting stays at the meeting

6.      Agenda is established by the members for the next meeting (next meeting our discussion topic is how to increase sales)

          a.   Prior session topics were executive hiring, lowering unemployment compensation costs, Leadership and Vision

                                                                            b.   Monthly the group picks the topic for the next month (I provide the material)

       7.      No minutes, self directed roundtable

       8.      Half open and half structured or facilitated meetings, but very flexible

       9.      A Quarterly investment of $300 will be assessed depending on the members desired agenda

     a.   Investment may be waived in lieu of barter

     b.  The investment includes all normal materials and lunch

       10.      Fred and or Alec will be the professional facilitator

       11.      No selling, but buying is allowed during the meetings. But networking and business
                  relationships are encouraged outside the meeting



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