I have been blessed to have clients in 10 different industries and all over the Northeastern US.  My clients include but not limited to  "Lumber and Timber", "CNC Machining and Assembly", "Polymer Injection Molding", "Polymer Thermal Forming", "Powder Coat Paint", "Financial Services", "Warehouses", "Cold Forging", "Hot Forging", "Screens", "Food Products", "Automotive Parts Distribution", "Sheet Metal Fabrication", "RFID", "Passivate and Metal Finishing", and others.

Combine my client experience with my 44 years of manufacturing experience and I have a huge breadth of industry exposure to assist my new clients. In my manufacturing career I worked for 5 companies in 9 geographic locations. There products were in automotive, light truck, heavy truck, resins, green sand foundries, die cast foundries, food industry, aerospace, valve industry, and the fire pump industry.


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