About McPherson Lean Partners

McPherson Lean Partners, based in Northern Indiana, was formed in late 2007 after Alec retired from Symmetry Medical as their SVP of US instrument operations. McPherson Lean Partners in owned jointly by Alec McPherson and his spouse of 44 years, Karen McPherson. Karen is the majority shareholder.  

As the company name implies, we partner with our clients working side-by-side with them to become lean business operations by improving their planning, business processes, manufacturing processes and their people. We provide direction in leadership, sales, and Kaizen.

We believe that business success and true leadership comes when there is harmony between your personal and your professional life. Imagine the wheels of a bicycle; one wheel represents your personal life and one is your professional life.

The spokes of your personal wheel consist of ::

  • mental
  • financial
  • ethics and beliefs
  • physical
  • family
  • social goals 

       The spokes of your professional
       wheel consist of ::

  • product development
  • job skills and knowledge
  • productivity
  • profit
  • time management and organization
  • people development

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